Welcome to Agape Bible College! Let us help you meet your educational and ministerial goals.

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of Agape Bible College is to glorify God by providing high quality, affordable, and assessable Bible college education, which shapes, molds, and prepares ministry-oriented Christian leaders from diverse backgrounds to reach those in need of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Vision Statement

Work the work of Him that sent you with all thy might!

We are here to help you. It is our mission to support your educational efforts and maintain the highest academic standards.

Carvell Moore, Ed.S.

Academic Dean


Dr. Patrice Dawson

Child Development and Life Coach

Dr. Calvin Moore, Jr.

Grant Writing and Life Coach

Undergraduate/Graduate Instructor/Adult Education Instructor

Gretchen Hayes, M.S.

Training and Technical Assistance

Tara Boyd, M.S.

Undergraduate Instructor

Carvell Moore, Ed.S.

High School Tutoring Program